Another Dream: Without A Mask

Have you been having any Covid-related dreams since this whole pandemic started almost a year ago? I keep having this one repeatedly: I’m out shopping somewhere. A lot of times it’s at the flea market or a comic convention, but it’s also been Walmart, a mall, or a used bookstore. Things start off fairly open, but as the dream progresses, I find myself in tighter spaces, crammed with more people, and eventually I realize that I’m not wearing a mask, nor are most of the people around me. In some cases the dream ends right there, I wake up to keep from getting sick, but there have been other times where, upon that realization, I make an effort to get out of wherever it is I am. “My mask is in my car, I just need to turn back now and grab it and hopefully I’ll be okay.” But I get sucked further and further in, and in one dream I had my phone out, trying to call my girlfriend to tell her she had to go stay somewhere else for two weeks because there was no way I was making it out uninfected.

The flea market and comic convention locales make sense because even with all the orders I made on eBay last year, I still really missed checking out booths for cool kaiju or Power Rangers toys. Those are often what I’m looking for in the dreams, wondering if I can afford them before the maskless realization strikes.

I still don’t think I’ve actually worn a mask in any of my dreams, oddly enough. I know others who have. It’s just interesting to me, I guess.

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