Another Dream


Hey everyone! Been a longtime since we’ve had any activity over here, hasn’t it?

Other Sleep has been finished since 2015. I’ve made a lot of other comics since then, but I never really got Ninel out of my head. Which makes sense, because she’s very much a part of me.

So after a lot of false starts and scribbled ideas, I’ve got something new on the way. It’s not much…actually quite short, but I’m excited to be working in this world again, and plan to do more once this is finished. And when it is done, it’ll be posted here for free, just as the original chapters of Other Sleep were.


About that: after I printed Other Sleep and put it up for sale on ComiXology, I restricted things here to where only the first 3 chapters were free to read, hoping it would help drive up sales. But it’s been so long, and I sold my final physical copy of the book two years ago anyways, so now the entire thing is once more available to read for free. So check it out! Tell your friends! I hope you’re all as eager to welcome Ninel back as I am!

(I’m afraid to reread Other Sleep myself, I admit, but…you know)

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