Surfacing momentarily

So…I haven’t posted anything here in forever, have I? Geez, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me…

The story ended way back in November, I got the graphic novel printed in January, and had the show at the William King Museum for it in February, and I’ve been silent since then. At least, over here I have.


Last month I launched a new webcomic called Cannonball Fist. Updating every Tuesday and Thursday (hurrah for a regular schedule!), it’s about a girl named Clara who fights monsters and wants to become the best boxer in Southpaw City. It’s way different from Other Sleep, more of a goofy all ages thing. No nudity or horror there, just a young boxer punching monsters in the face. But I would absolutely appreciate it if you came along and gave it a shot, because I’m having so much fun working on it. After how heavy Other Sleep was, I needed something lighter that I could play around with, you know? The first page of the second chapter, which goes up this Thursday, has a slight reference to Other Sleep though, so there’s that!

In other news, I created Burst Reach 4, got my October Game comic from last year, Shouting at the Void, printed, and I’m slowly selling off copies of the first chapter and complete graphic novel for Other Sleep. I did even better at HeroesCon this year than last, I’m going to an anime convention in Asheville in a couple weeks, and things just keep rolling along.

So it’s not that I’ve forgotten about this site, I just keep busy. Other Sleep may be over, but there’s so much more to come!

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