Hey folks. I wanted to assure you I’m not dead, and that progress is going well with chapter 7.


My goal is to finish the chapter and have it online somewhere in mid-to-late July, before Rob-Con, which is the 27th.  After that, I’m going to buckle down and, I think, try to get the entire graphic novel finished before the end of the year. There are two more chapters after this one, so it shouldn’t be THAT difficult, right? Hopefully.

HeroesCon was a couple of weeks ago, and I wrote about it in depth over on my main website. Long story short: it didn’t go TOO well. I uh, had a bunch of extra copies of the first chapter of Other Sleep printed due to a fear of running out of copies to sell when it turns out that…I didn’t sell a single copy of the book at all. -_- Win some, lose some, I guess. Hopefully next month’s Rob-Con will go better, since it’s smaller and local and such, yeah? Regardless, I met some good people at the con, watched my good friend and comics guru do some particularly crazy sketches for people, watched my girlfriend run around excitedly while dressed as Delirium, bought a LOT of good books, and still had a good time.

ALSO: to tide you over until chapter 7 is done, could I interest you in a PDF of the new issue of Burst Reach 3? It’s only a dollar! I think it’s some of my best comics work yet, and if you’re enjoying the weird shit I pull in Other Sleep, you’ll definitely enjoy this also. This post I made on Tumblr shows you what’s inside! I’m also selling physical copies, if you want one, email me: amechanicaldisaster (at) gmail (dot) com!

That’s all for now. I promise that chapter 7 will be online before you know it!


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