A brief transmission

It’s been a while, and I apologize. I guess you might say we’ve hit a bit of a hiatus.

drawingI’ve been, as usual, extraordinarily busy. I had two appearances: ETSUCon in Johnson City, and Free Comic Book Day at Mountain Empire comics here in Bristol. I stressed out and lost my mind preparing for these, getting postcards printed from old October Game pieces, getting posters made, getting the second printing of chapter 1 of Other Sleep, supplies, et cetera. Annoyingly time-consuming. Oh, and buttons! Check these out!
buttonsBoth appearances were damn successful, though, more successful than my only other con, Rob-Con was last year. I was astonished by how many people I met who were giant monster fans and wanted me to do mutant sketches of them. I got a few awkward snubs here and there, like a guy who put down one of my books simply because it didn’t have any “meta references” in it, and things like that, but the good outweighs the bad.

Seriously, real talk, Godzilla fans? Are my favorite people to talk to. They are the best, friendliest, people. I want to be friends with all of them.

So on top of these things, I’m working on comics for Burst Reach 3, nearing completion. Also painting a nursery and doing other family responsibilities because I’m going to be an uncle soon? Aw crap.

So yes, unfortunately, things get in the way and Other Sleep is what gets set aside. Heroes Con is in June, and I’ve pretty much confirmed today that I’m sharing a table with a buddy of mine, and just ordered MORE copies of chapter 1 to sell there. Next up? Transportation, hotel, all that jazz. Yikes.

I’m hoping to get back on track and working on chapter 7 this month. We’ll see. Fingers crossed. Thanks for sticking around!



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