It all comes slowly unraveled

IT’S FINALLY HERE. After three months of waiting and wondering, chapter five is finally online! GO READ IT NOW. It’s the biggest chapter to date, a whopping 22 pages. That brings the total page count up to…uh, hold on…EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES. Without a doubt, I WILL break the one hundred page point in chapter six.

Which…optimistically? Should be online in January. There’s no way I’ll get it completely done in December, what with the holidays, girlfriend, second job that I THINK I acquired but not entirely sure of, et cetera.

Anyways, this chapter…I have mixed feelings on. Story-wise, it’s important, and it has some great moments, but you can tell I worked on and off with it over the course of three months, and that hurts a little to look at. Some panels are just shambles, some bits had to be redrawn digitally and stick out way too much, and my skill level back in September was just not the same as the pages that were drawn post-October Game. I’m REALLY happy with the coloring though, and happy that I didn’t have to really sacrifice any dialogue for space purposes like I’ve done in previous chapters, so there’s that.

Chapter six will be something else, I think. I’ve had it written for months, but now, at this point in time, I want to restructure it a bit, make it stronger, shake things up more. We’ll see whether that pans out or not in the future, but right now, that’s the plan. The cover alone is a little bit of a departure already, and I want to see if I can carry that freshness through to the end, yeah?

So that’s that. Back to work. Stick around, it’ll get better.

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