Back in the game

Crap. This place has been a ghost town lately, hasn’t it? I apologize. I really, really do. But fear not! I haven’t forgotten about Ninel!

September was a sluggish month for me, and well, I spent the entirely of October taking part in this thing called the Bill Counts October Game. It was a silly challenge to produce a new piece of art every day for the entirety of the month. And I did it. I managed to draw or create something every single day, and it was grueling, and it was all-consuming, but I made it through to the other side, and I feel like I’m a stronger artist because of it. I wrote about it a bit more at length here on my main blog, and you can view the gallery of all 31 pieces right here. So it kind of goes without saying that this poor comic didn’t get looked at or touched over the course of the entire month, further delaying chapter 5.

BUT! I’m back on track! Progress is being made, and the chapter will be done and online this month! I mean it this time! It’ll probably look fairly obvious that a month passed between a bunch of pages, but hey, that’s progress.

On top of that, I was interviewed by a friend not so long ago, and you can give that a read here. Some friends of mine have formed a stand up comedy collective known as Beat About, and they’re using their Tumblr page to also promote local artists, musicians, events and what have you, and I had the honor of being the first person interviewed. These guys have been making an effort to bring something a bit different to Bristol. One of them, my good friend Sterlin, prints zines and gets some wicked punk bands to play here, and I’ve been working with him quite a bit, producing flyers for the shows he sets up and/or providing art for his zines. It’s something I’m proud to be a part of, and I’m proud to call these guys my friends.

ANYWAYS. As I said, I’m back on track with chapter five. This thing’s still going. And I apologize again for so much radio silence, but it’s not  been for nothing. Hope you all stick around, and that I’m not too little too late.


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