Progress update

Today I penciled the final few pages of chapter 4. As fast as I seem to be going, I still feel like it’s taking forever, and it’s still turning out to be some of my best work. The total change in setting and tone for the story has sort of led me to change the look of the book, too. 

It may not be the greatest example, but here’s a couple of panels from a page I scanned yesterday:


I also picked up a brush recently, but haven’t really been using it much yet for anything more than the deep blacks, which there are a lot of in this chapter. Maybe as I get more confident over time (and get better brushes), I’ll be inking more and more the old fashioned way and not relying so much on illustration pens, because man, those things cost a lot and it adds up over time…

Anyways, with the way things are going, I’d like to say I’ll have the chapter finished and online in the next couple of weeks. So get excited! Hang in there! It’s almost done!

And don’t forget: Rob-Con this Saturday, at Viking Hall in Bristol!


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