Up from the depths

There’s been a lack of posts on here for the last few weeks, and I sincerely apologize.

This month I just kind of fell into a weird little funk. I wasn’t feeling too good about the work I was doing on the comic and let myself get too distracted by other things. I lost my motivation to work on it, to work on anything for that matter, I was barely doing any drawing or anything at all. Heck, I’ve got a friend who wants me to photograph her nude in the hopes that she’ll become a Suicide Girl, and I lost my enthusiasm for that! You know you’ve got problems when you lose interest in shooting an attractive lady with no clothes on, man.

I haven’t been feeling particularly well either. Just…lethargic. I’ve been trying to exercise a bit more this past month, but it doesn’t feel like it’s really helping too much. It’s just felt like I’ve barely had any energy. Annoying.

This wasn’t something that I really wanted to talk to anybody about, which probably made matters worse. I didn’t really realize it completely until yesterday, when I just kind of sat up and thought, “I have no motivation. Something must be DONE.” I realized I needed some kind of kick in the ass to get moving again, and well, the realization itself seemed to serve that purpose. I’ve gotten a few pages of chapter 4 drawn and I steamrolled through a batch of pages of chapter 3 today at work, and I swear I’m going to keep this momentum for the rest of the week.

I’m hoping, seriously hoping, to have chapter 3 finished and online this weekend. You have my word that I will do everything I can.

Again, I apologize for a lack of content lately, and I hope that this doesn’t happen to me again.

In other news, Heroes Con is next weekend! I’m going as a fan, but I’m gonna have copies of my old Burst Reach comic and Other Sleep postcards with me to pass around to artists and people if I can. The guest list is massive, and there are quite a few people I really want to meet. I’m so stoked for it.

And next month is Rob-Con here in my hometown of Bristol. I’ve got a table there, and I plan on having a printed version of chapter 1 of OS there to sell along with two NEW books. So excited for that.

Now to get my ass back in gear and get back to work!


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