Slow Growth

So the Facebook page for Other Sleep has reached 50 likes, and this brings a smile to my face.

Maybe it’s a mirage in the distance, I’m not sure, but it feels like interest is slowly, steadily building in my unusual little comic, and possibly this extends to my other work, and to me as a person? I’d like that a lot. But yeah, it feels like my reach is slowly, inch by painful inch, extending, and more and more people are stopping and looking. Daily views aren’t enormous, but they’re at least rather steady. I just need to keep promoting it, and keep badgering my friends to promote it as well, heh.

Growth is important. So long as things keep growing, we’ll be good.

So I’ve decided to do another series of posts alongside the Influence stuff. Well, it may not be a series, but, I have a few posts in mind where I just show some of my older work and kind of draw the line from those old pieces to Other Sleep, you know?

Two years ago, for a film/animation class, I did a short, live-action stop-motion animated silent sci fi/horror thing called Black Hole Ghost. I wrote it, shot/directed it, edited it, did the music, and put myself in it as a ghost, so it was absolutely a labor of love. I’m proud of it, immensely proud, but these days? I find it a bit unwatchable because now all I see are all the ways I screwed up and could’ve done better. Anyways, here it is, give it a watch if you’ve got 7 minutes to spare:

The biggest similarity to Other Sleep is the fact that we have a single female protagonist, alone in her apartment, who is dealing with something well beyond her own understanding, and an emphasis on the ways it’s messing with her head, her sanity. It’s kind of my tendency when coming up with stories/comics/whatever to keep the cast small, focus primarily on one character, and to try and grasp what it is that’s going through their heads. I’ve done some short stories even before BHG that deal with similar themes.

So what do you think? Do you see any other similarities, or am I just weird?


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