Going flat-out

I mentioned before the Hi-Fi Color book I got and how I’m trying to work on my coloring some. I am a tad ashamed to admit that the book didn’t do me too much good, aside from teaching me a few keyboard shortcuts and some stupidly easy tricks that I wish I’d known before. And yet, somehow, I do feel like I’ve gotten a tad better, and while I don’t think I’m necessarily faster, the process of flatting chapter 3 is nowhere near as painful as those first two chapters were, and the fact that I’m now enjoying it at least makes it feel like I’m going faster. So that’s definitely a plus.

Here are the flats, minus lineart, for the first page, to whet your appetite:

I was flatting a later page last night, and roughly about halfway through it, I thought that what I had by that point looked really cool. Of course, the final page won’t look like this at all, but it still feels like there’s something there that I should explore in a future comic:

Progress continues to go smoothly. I’ve finally hit a nice routine that keeps me productive even on lazier days or days where I have to do other not-comic-related things. I’m not saying things have gotten easier, but, it’s all flowing really well and I’m having a lot of fun. I think this chapter will be some of my best work.


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