Trying to be consistent

Coloring and lettering of chapter 2 is coming along smoothly, though I must confess that between birthday shenanigans and other work, I didn’t get nearly as much done last week as I was hoping too. My original idea of having things finished by the end of this week still stands, but it’s looking more and more unlikely. So at the latest, chapter 2 will be up next week.

I’m also several pages into drawing chapter 3, and while I feel like I’m getting better with almost every new page I draw, I still think I could do better and be more consistent. So, digging through a hundred or so shots from a photography assignment back in 2010, I did these reference sheets in the hopes that they will help me keep Ninel looking more consistent from now on. Because consistency is one of my biggest problems, which is not good considering that it’s one of the most important elements to making comics, yeah?

Clearly, I’m not the greatest at drawing with a tablet. I actually acquired Manga Studio early last week, but I’ve barely gotten to try it out. It seems simultaneously awesome and frustrating. Still, I don’t plan on drawing any Other Sleep pages digitally, no, it will stay as good old ink on paper.

HOWEVER. If anyone knows of any good Manga Studio tutorials, would you mind sending them my way? If they’re video tutorials, I prefer them to be by someone with basic public speaking skills and who actually knows how to talk about using the program. All the tutorials I’ve looked at so far were…not very helpful…


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