No longer isolated

Ho-lee CRAP.

After I posted that entry last night, for the small favor, a friend and former classmate of mine went and threw the link to Other Sleep up on Reddit. In under 24 hours, this site has now seen OVER A THOUSAND HITS.

On top of that, this morning I received responses from a couple of comics dudes I had emailed, and both were quite friendly. One of them even sent me some unfinished pages for the books he’s working on! I’m flabbergasted, folks.

Also, a couple comments in the Reddit threads pointed out a stupid glaring error I had made in Chapter 1 that I missed when lettering and proof-reading the thing. I had accidentally called the sensory deprivation tank a “sleep deprivation tank” like an idiot. How can you sleep in something that’s supposed to cause sleep deprivation? DUMBASS.

I’ve since fixed that, however. If anyone else notices any dumb mistakes like that in the future? Please, let me know, and I WILL fix it.

But yeah, I am dizzy from the overwhelmingly good responses I’ve been getting for the first chapter. And from all the hits I’m receiving. Thank you guys. Thank you so very much!

As I said before, I’m waist-deep in the process of coloring chapter 2, and while it may not be the most realistic goal, I’m hoping to try and have it done and lettered by next weekend, Free Comic Book Day.

Just so everyone knows? Chapter 2, and practically all the later chapters, are going to be NSFW. There’s going to be a bit of nudity here and there, especially in the first half or so of chapter 2. To show you what I mean, and as a token of gratitude to you guys for all the hits and feedback, here’s the nearly-finished, unlettered first page of the chapter:

I have to confess, I’m just a little worried about this chapter because it’s 14 pages of things going pretty badly for Ninel. Still, I hope it’s not too off-putting and that you guys stick around, because things do just get weirder and weirder.

Thanks again. You guys are AWESOME.

And hey, if you’re having a problem waiting on the next chapter, please keep in mind my personal site, which is chock full of comics for you to read and other art to look at!


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