Floating in isolation

Hello, and welcome to Other Sleep!

Oh god that’s such a lousy opening.

Ahem. I am Brett Marcus Cook. I do comics and art and stuff. Other Sleep is a graphic novel I am doing, a science fiction horror story about dreams, ancient dead things, mad scientists, and other wonderful things.

The plan is to post it here on this site a chapter at a time, once a month, starting in mid-to-late April. Until then, you should go to the Chapter 1 Preview to read the first three pages. I know it’s not much, but it’ll give you a nice little idea of what to expect, yeah?

I’ll also be blogging here from time to time, talking about the story, the process, where ideas are coming from, stuff like that.

If any of that sounds up your alley, then be sure to bookmark this page. And tell your friends! Tell your family! Your enemies! Lovers! Strangers! Tell everyone!

Stick around. Things are gonna get weird.


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